Public Provider VS Big Brother
Public Provider VS Big Brother

Public Provider VS Big Brother

Report highlights gov't use of new tech to understand citizens, but warns of privacy concerns. Collaboration and frameworks needed.
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The report highlights the increasing use of new technologies by governments to better understand the needs of citizens and transform the way they operate and serve their people. The report focuses on two key themes: data harvesting and monitoring, and biometric technologies and facial recognition. While these technologies offer significant opportunities for governments to improve services and policy interventions, there are also legitimate concerns around privacy and security.

The report recommends that governments actively engage with the issues raised by these technologies, prioritize earning trust from the public, and work collaboratively across national borders to understand the limits, pitfalls, and opportunities of these technologies. The development of frameworks around the world governing the application of these technologies is necessary for governments to properly get to grips with them and ensure they are used in the interest of citizens.

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