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An interactive exhibit challenges visitors to think in new and unconventional ways about solving pressing public challenges. Through immersive experiences, we inspire visitors to connect with the innovators behind the case studies showcased.



Edge of Government: Innovating for a Better Future

The Edge of Government, hosted by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation at the World Government Summit. A pioneering initiative that encourages visitors to think creatively about solving the most pressing global challenges. Held in Dubai, UAE, from February 13-15, 2023, this immersive experience showcases cutting-edge innovations through interactive exhibits and inspiring case studies from around the world.

Program Objectives

Unleashing Global Innovations: Inspiring Dialogue and Collaboration

The experience's goal is to inform, inspire, and provoke new thinking, while fostering dialogue between visitors and the innovators behind each project. With a focus on reimagining services, creating new infrastructures, and building collective value inspired by nature, the Edge of Government is a unique platform for governments worldwide to explore transformative ideas and drive positive change.

Enlightening Perspectives

Dive into diverse global ideas to expand your understanding of innovative solutions.

Sparking Creativity

Encourage fresh thinking and imaginative approaches to tackle the world's pressing challenges.

Challenging Assumptions

Question conventional wisdom and promote progress by embracing new, forward-thinking concepts.

Milestones & Achievements

What Edge of Government Achieved So Far?

Since 2016, The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation has worked with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation to conduct a global review of the ways in which governments are transforming their operations and improving the lives of their people through innovation. This process has included extensive research into innovations from OECD member countries and non-members alike, as well as an open call to send in projects. The Edge of Government then brings the most exciting and relevant innovations together into an inspiring, annual showcase.

Innovations Submitted


Years in Progress


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