Why Should the Public Sector Innovate?

Since the global pandemic, strides are already being taken across the public sector to implement and scale that vision, in particular to promote a culture of innovation in the public service. Innovation is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity

There are many reasons that drive nations to put together their best minds and find game-changing ideas that challenge the status quo.

Is it necessary for the public sector to innovate? Can innovation even exist in government? While innovation in the private sector may be necessary to remain competitive, it may only sometimes be apparent in the public sector.

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The secret to the renewal of life for corporations, to the evolution of civilizations and to the development of humanity is simple: innovation.

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE.

Innovation Shows Resilience During Difficult Times

Existing ways of developing solutions will not suffice in meeting current and future challenges. It is impossible to solve the complex challenges such as climate change in the traditional ways.

Responses that go beyond incremental improvements are now required more than any other times, so innovation in government is a must to keep up with the pace of unprecedented changes that face the whole world .


Example from UAE
UAE's response to COVID-19
During the COVID-19 crisis, the UAE implemented policies and regulations using a rapid-track approach. These measures prioritize efficiency over following regular schedules and procedures in order to swiftly tackle the situation. To prevent the spread of the pandemic, the UAE has implemented historical and unprecedented measures such as lockdowns, curfews, airport and retail closures, and social distancing. The government has also made prompt decisions, such as building temporary hospitals within two days and postponing the collection of certain taxes, fees, and fines. In addition, all schools have adopted a distance learning system to provide home education for approximately 2.1 million students. Furthermore, 95% of government employees were working remotely.
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Meeting Expectations and Building Trust

Trust in government is declining for a number of reasons; failure to meet the societies expectations is one factor. The citizens and the end users’ expectations are becoming higher as they expect a seamless experience, customized service based on their needs and they expect their governments to listen and to collaborate with them on designing the policies and government services.

Traditionally the policy would have emerged only from a bureaucratic, top-down process but now the public sector is enabling the culture of policy change through co-creation.

The public sector entities must be innovative if they are to meet the people expectations, reimagine the public’s experience of interacting with government, and ultimately to build trust.


Example from UAE
Supporting Mental Health through Social Media
UAE's 'Don't Worry' campaign leveraged technology for mental health support during COVID-19, fostering positivity and resilience.
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Preparing the Best Innovators
and Future Leaders

People are the driving force behind innovation, and the public sector often faces many challenges when attempting to attract the most innovative and skilled talents. Innovators seek employment in organizations that provide opportunities for creativity and growth by enabling an innovation culture that supports the development of groundbreaking solutions. If public sector organizations do not foster a work environment that is conducive to the growth and flourishing of innovators, they risk failing to attract individuals that are motivated to be change makers and change the status quo.

By dedicating and allocating resources to innovation and cultivating an organizational culture centered around innovation, public sector entities can not only attract top talent but also retain them, even amidst a talent scarcity. This investment in human capital will ultimately enhance the capacity of the public sector to address complex challenges and to improve the efficiency of the public services.


Example from UAE
Jahiz - Future Government Talent
The UAE is the country of the future, and its people are shaping the features of the future. Welcome to "Jahiz", one of the major transformational projects launched by the UAE government to enhance the readiness of government talent and support them with future skills.
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