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Trends in Global Government Innovation 2023

Trends in Global Government Innovation 2023

Explore global government innovation trends and initiatives with our 2023 report.
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Discover the most innovative and transformative trends in global governance with the "Global Trends in Government Innovation 2023" report. Published on 15 May 2023, the report provides an insightful overview of the innovative practices governments have implemented in response to recent global challenges.

This comprehensive study results from a long-standing collaboration between the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI). Together, we have explored how governments worldwide are testing and implementing new ways to design policies, deliver services, and manage the business of government.

In this year's edition, we have identified and analyzed 1,084 innovative initiatives from 94 countries. These initiatives, far surpassing those of previous years, demonstrate how governments and their industry and civil society partners are taking swift, impactful actions to overcome obstacles and ensure the well-being of their citizens and residents.

Our analysis of these initiatives, coupled with global events, workshops, and conversations held with governments worldwide, has enabled us to identify four key trends in government innovation and ten illustrative case studies. These trends reflect the systemic evolution and maturity of government priorities and workstreams, highlighting how governments harness new technologies, growing citizen expectations, and heightened awareness of societal inequities to drive transformative change.

We also uncovered several secondary trends, including public administration transformation, novel solutions for young people and intergenerational justice, creative approaches to achieve net zero carbon emissions, and the strengthening and leveraging GovTech ecosystems. These trends will be explored further in our future work.

Download the "Global Trends in Government Innovation 2023" report now and join us as we explore and celebrate the innovative efforts of governments around the world. Gain insights into how these innovations address the root causes of issues and inspire others to take action and replicate their success in their own contexts.

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