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Celebrating Innovation for a Brighter Future

UAE Innovate's mission is to strengthen the UAE's position as a global hub for innovation and cultivate a culture of creativity and progress. With a range of exciting activities, we enhance the development of innovative ideas and capabilities and celebrate the incredible achievements of innovators across the UAE.

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Fostering a Nationwide Culture of Innovation and Collaboration for Global Impact

UAE Innovates, one of the world's largest innovation festivals, unites the government, private sector, and individuals in a collaborative effort to create a widespread culture of innovation across the UAE. Established in 2015, UAE Innovates is an annual flagship event dedicated to enriching the culture of innovation and solidifying the UAE's role as a global innovation hub that benefits humanity. Through an array of engaging activities, UAE Innovates nurtures innovative ideas, enhances capabilities, and honors the remarkable achievements of innovators throughout the nation.

Program Objectives

Why Did We Launch UAE Innovates?

Fostering a vibrant ecosystem, promotes collaboration, and encourages creative thinking to drive innovation and shape a brighter future for the nation and the world.

Foster a Vibrant Ecosystem

UAE Innovates was initiated to cultivate a dynamic environment that supports innovative ideas and nurtures talent across different sectors. This thriving ecosystem empowers individuals and organizations to explore and develop new solutions, ultimately contributing to the nation's growth and success.

Promote Collaboration

The program aims to bring together diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, private entities, and individuals, to collaborate on groundbreaking projects. By fostering partnerships, UAE Innovates facilitates the sharing of knowledge and resources, which can drive novel solutions and accelerate progress.

Encourage Creative Thinking

UAE Innovates aspires to inspire the nation's people by highlighting the importance of creativity and innovative thinking. The festival showcases the country's spirit of innovation and encourages the population to think outside the box, helping to build a more prosperous and sustainable future for both the UAE and the world.

Milestones & Achievements

How Does UAE Innovates Transform Public Sector Innovation?

UAE Innovates acts as a catalyst for public sector innovation by offering a dynamic platform where government, private sector, and individuals can come together to share ideas, display groundbreaking innovations, and forge new collaborations. The festival fosters a spirit of cooperation and aligns with the government's vision of positioning the UAE as a premier innovation hub that contributes positively to the global community.

Events, Conferences, Workshops, and Activities


Digital Engagements





  • UAE Innovates is an annual innovation festival that unites the government, private sector, and individuals to create a culture of innovation across the UAE. The event showcases the nation's spirit of innovation and aims to shape a brighter future.
  • UAE Innovates was launched to foster a vibrant innovation ecosystem, promote collaboration, and encourage creative thinking across various sectors, inspiring the people of the UAE and celebrating the nation's spirit of innovation.
  • UAE Innovates offers a dynamic platform for government, private sector, and individuals to share ideas, display innovations, and forge new collaborations, aligning with the government's vision of positioning the UAE as a premier innovation hub.
  • UAE Innovates is held every February, celebrating the nation's commitment to innovation and showcasing the best and brightest ideas from various sectors.
  • UAE Innovates welcomes everyone in the UAE interested in innovation, including students, teachers, employees, families, startups, local and federal entities, and the private sector.
  • UAE Innovates has organized over 7,000 events, conferences, workshops, and activities, with more than 5 million digital engagements and over 1 million participants since its inception.
  • UAE Innovates is a collaborative effort between federal and local entities, as well as the private sector, coming together to champion innovation and drive the UAE's progress.
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