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A dynamic platform that offers a competitive setting for individuals across the UAE to pitch their concepts and projects to a panel of expert judges. Pitch@Gov fosters collaboration among government entities, private sector organizations, entrepreneurs, and innovators, promoting a culture of innovation within the country.

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Igniting innovation by uniting startups and government, fostering collaboration, and spotlighting groundbreaking ideas for a transformative UAE future.

Program Objectives

What Drives Pitch@gov?

Pitch@Gov was launched to serve as a powerful platform connecting startups and government entities, bridging the gap between challenge and solution. Our mission is to foster collaboration and provide opportunities for innovative minds to showcase their groundbreaking ideas, ultimately contributing to the UAE's innovation landscape.

Connect Startups and Government

Pitch@Gov aims to establish a robust platform that links startups with government entities, effectively bridging the gap between challenges and solutions to drive progress and innovation in the UAE.

Foster Collaboration

By promoting collaboration between various stakeholders, Pitch @ Gov seeks to enhance the exchange of ideas and knowledge, encouraging the development of groundbreaking solutions that contribute to the nation's innovative ecosystem.

Showcase Innovative Ideas

Pitch @ Gov provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to present their inventive concepts, offering a stage for creativity and ingenuity that can inspire further advancements in the UAE's innovation landscape.

Milestones & Achievements

How Does Pitch@Gov Accelerate Public Sector Innovation?

By streamlining the connection between startups and the public sector, Pitch @ Gov reduces time-consuming procurement processes and accelerates the implementation of innovative solutions. This unique competition advances innovation in the UAE by cutting down time, speeding up the challenge-to-solution journey, and providing an unparalleled platform for collaboration.

Applications from Startups


Startups Advancing and Implementing Solutions


Successful Rounds



  • Pitch@Gov is an exciting competition in the UAE where creative startups and government organizations work together to solve critical challenges. Participants pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of expert judges to win support and funding.
  • Pitch@Gov's goals are to connect inventive startups with government organizations, encourage teamwork, and offer a stage for creative thinkers to present their revolutionary ideas, driving forward the UAE's culture of innovation.
  • Pitch@Gov makes it easier for startups to work with the public sector by simplifying processes and speeding up the adoption of creative solutions, ultimately making the UAE an attractive destination for inventive startups and innovators.
  • Pitch@Gov takes place twice a year, giving startups and government organizations two chances to join forces and create a lasting positive impact on the UAE's innovation environment.
  • Pitch@Gov is designed for startups and government/local entities eager to collaborate, innovate, and make a difference in the UAE and beyond.
  • Pitch @ Gov has received over 1,000 applications from startups, advanced and implemented solutions from 6 startups across 2 rounds, and successfully finalized 2 rounds of Pitch@Gov within a year.
  • Pitch@Gov is a collaboration between the Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund and various federal and local entities, driving innovation and fostering sustainable growth.
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