Programs Pillars
Unleashing the Creative Potential to Conquer Challenges

💡  Innovation Possibilities

Unleashing the Creative Potential to Conquer Challenges

Discovering Limitless Possibilities through Inclusive Innovation and Fearless Exploration

Group 47871

Unleashing the creative potential to conquer challenges is centered around unlocking imaginative ideas and practices to address the country's unique challenges.

Our mission is to collaborate with key stakeholders and share knowledge globally, making the impossible possible. We focus on launching high-impact, accelerated missions and disseminating the methodology of achieving the extraordinary as a global trademark.

Pillar objectives


Unlocking Imaginative Ideas and Practices


Collaborating with Key Stakeholders


Sharing Knowledge Globally


Launching High-impact Missions

Our Programs

OECD and mbrcgi

MBRCGI and OECD Partnership

Redefining Global Innovation through Collaboration

Edge of Government

Experience the cutting-edge of Government Innovation

Ibtekr - Enabling Innovators

Igniting Innovation for a Better Tomorrow


Marsad - Innovation Mapping

Be a Part of the Global Movement of Change-makers

CIO’s Network

Connecting Innovation Leaders for Innovative Progress

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