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Inspired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's vision, our platform spreads government innovation in the Arab world. We foster innovators, invest in people, and tackle future challenges with effective business models.

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Fostering a Culture of Government Innovation in the Arab World

Launched in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, our platform aims to spread the culture of government innovation in the Arab world. Our mission is to establish a culture of innovation that becomes an integral part of governments' mission, building a generation of innovators and future leaders. Through our commitment to investing in people, building their capabilities, and encouraging them to develop innovative solutions, we're creating effective business models to tackle future challenges.

Program Objectives

Ibtekr's Mission is to Foster Public Sector Innovation, Building Capabilities and Knowledge Sharing

Empowering governments in the Arab world by fostering a culture of innovation, providing comprehensive educational resources, and strengthening global collaboration through the exchange of impactful success stories and innovative practices

Foster Innovation

Ibtekr aims to promote a culture of innovation, nurturing the development of future leaders and innovators within government sectors.

Elevate Education

Through its wealth of resources, Ibtekr seeks to provide government officials with the knowledge and tools they need to drive impactful innovation.

Strengthen Global Collaboration

Ibtekr strives to serve as a hub for global collaboration, facilitating the sharing of innovative practices and success stories across governments in the Arab world.

Milestones & Achievements

Driving Innovation Forward: The Impact of Ibtekr's Innovative Approach

Ibtekr advances innovation by creating a dynamic digital platform dedicated to the promotion of innovative practices in government. As a hub for knowledge exchange, it equips governmental employees with a wealth of resources, including: educational online courses, manuals, thematic reports, and interactive innovation tools. By highlighting best practices and successful models in government innovation, Ibtekr fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the public sector. Furthermore, the platform encourages global collaboration by allowing government employees to share their innovations and success stories, to learn from others, and to develop innovative solutions to global challenges.







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